A recent WWF report has confirmed that retail companies that responsibly source certified forest products, especially from FSC certification, are seeing tangible business benefits.

One section of the report, ‘Turning challenges into opportunities’, has mentioned how Bunnings, the largest household hardware chain in Australia, was able to drive demand for certified supplies and help its suppliers get certified by engaging in long-term contracts that provide stability for both parties. In another example, the report also mentioned that IKEA has worked extensively with WWF to support its suppliers in Linyi, China to raise awareness about sustainability issues and ultimately guided them to become FSC certified.

The report is part of WWF’s broader efforts to research and understand the business case for responsible forest management and trade. Released in August 2015, the first report in the series, Profitability and Sustainability in Responsible Forestry: Economic impacts of FSC certification on forest operators, found that tropical and small or medium producers, regardless of geography, can benefit significantly from attaining FSC certification.

You can visit WWF website to read the executive summary and the full report online.